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But it’s a dry heat…or how open windows are the new black

As some of you may be aware, our house has been experiencing plumbing and heating problems

We’re not really sure the extent of the plumbing problems, other than the fact that 7 people are now forced to share 1 bathroom – in a word, inconvenient. The furnace has been acting up for the better part of a month, but it finally decided to stop functioning on a regular basis about 2 weeks ago. Normally, our house is a tad hot, understandable since we don’t pay for our utilities. Instead of say, putting on pants, certain members of our household have been known to simply crank the thermostat.

Unfortunately since it’s an old house, and an even older thermostat, there are really only two options available to us: slightly cold or slightly hot. Except that lately, something’s happening with the furnace and it doesn’t seem to register any change in temperature unless you turn the heat up well past the 25C mark (but since our thermometer needs to be recalibrated this is actually the equivalent of about 28C).

For most people they could just turn off the furnace for the season (it is almost April after all) but since we live in Edmonton (aka. the land of the 4 am sunrise and the neverending winter) this really isn’t an option. Sure it’s hovering around zero today, but maybe it will be -20C tomorrow and we’ll get a foot of snow.

Seriously, this happened the summer of my first year. I went home to Ottawa for a week and a half, the weather there was great it was almost 30C the whole time my pool had been opened and I returned to Edmonton to be greeted with cancelled flights due to the inclement weather and about 1 foot of wet snow.

My point, our house is currently in the 30C range and getting hotter as we speak…and I’m drinking coffee. I might just have to take off my pants.


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