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The cocoa dealer

Things I learned at work today:

* A woman breastfeeding literally ten paces from where your chocolate tasting is going on will not encourage new customers. People kept kind of shooting the woman dirty looks, not because she was breastfeeding, but because they were trying to enjoy high-end chocolates without having to endure flashes of her engorged nipples. The best part was that her husband was standing by with a look that said “Don’t even think of looking at my wife’s titties…or I’ll fuck you up!”
* I am a man-magnet…and by man, I mean the elderly and teenage contingent
* I’m “fucking fabulous”…according to some teenage girls that I gave an extra taster to
* People who describe themselves as ‘funky’, usually aren’t.

I didn’t make my quota today at work. I’m supposed to go through one case (100 samples of chocolate) per hour, but since I picked the deadest mall in the city I was only able to move a little over 3 cases in 4 hours, but it’s no biggie because the high-end chocolatier that I’m doing promo work for is actually pretty lax about my quota.

I actually had no idea that the people who worked there were allowed to sample (read: eat) pretty much as much chocolate as they want. It makes sense I suppose, but I can’t even really stomach the thought of chocolate anymore after having to open case after case after case of hazelnut truffles and I’ve only been there two days.

Also, I got my apron at work (much better than the old lady vest they made me wear yesterday). The store that I’m doing the promo for is kind of unorganized and didn’t really prepare for my arrival. I’m doing a promotion to inform their target market (seeming ladies who lunch, wealthy older couple and young children shopping with their parents) that they’ve introduced a mini version of an old favourite. Standard right?

Not so much.

Because it’s a new product, they’re having a really hard time getting any in stock, when they do get some in they only send a case or two and it flies off the shelves. So I’m standing in a store for 4 hours a day promoting this fabulous new product…that they can’t buy! I’ve actually been reamed out about this a couple of times by over-eager elderly women. I ended up giving them extra tasters to sidestep a lynching.


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