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Oooh, a lady stripper!*

Before we get started, quotes from work:

(at the front door)

Femboss: Oh [Womandrew], there you are! Were you late?

Womandrew: Um no, I was actually on time today. (aside: I’m usually late)

Femboss: Oh, I thought you were late. I had a job for you but I made RHG do it instead.

Womandrew: Oh

Femboss: It’s funny; I looked all over for you. But I guess this is the only place I forgot to look.

(the previous exchange wouldn’t have been so funny if Womandrew wasn’t a doorman)

(on sexual harassment)

Womandrew: […]and then he got all scared and ran away!

Gingerbread: Like you did that time when I hit you in the face with the condom?

(on my party hookup whose age I didn’t know and whose face I can’t quite remember)

Womandrew: […]You can safely assume he was over 14, thus making it completely legal!

I had another frat party to attend tonight. I had not planned on going but I got off early from work, so I did a cameo appearance. Overall, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I had been inebriated, but several other sorority girls seemed to be having enough fun for all of us. I was tired and after drinking a punch cup of Sourpuss to myself, I wanted to go home. I ended up getting a ride home from Convict, but the whole time I was thinking to myself “Did Convict and Onion hookup back here? Oh, well. I’m wearing pants, I needed to wash these anyways I suppose…”

Too tired to finish the post so I’m out

*this post title has absolutely no relevance other than the fact that it is a funny quote from Womandrew.


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