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Yay new phone!

I got my brand new Razr today. After all the hoopla surrounding the first one, I figured it would be an uphill battle to replace it, but it was actually pretty pain-free. All I had to do was bring in the packing slip that came with the original one, and voila! A new phone was handed to me – complete with a new sim card no less. The only vaguely annoying thing, that I lost all my customized setting and my kickass ringtones.

I was just in the process of changing everything back to the way I like it, and then my phone rings. Weird, the new phone has the most random ringtones that weren’t on my old phone, my new phone must just be a return or a refurb. Then it occurs to me to look in the pictures folder, sweet, now I am the proud owner of pictures of Jessica Alba’s ass. Had assumed that the phone had originally belonged to a girl (becasue really what guy would want Mariah Carey singing Last Christmas as a ringtone?), but with this new development I’m not so sure, perhaps she was a lesbian?


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