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Easy as 1,2,3?

…not so much. I thought my new phone was great until I realized that it’s not setup for anything that I need it to do, such as checknig my voicemail and downloading new ringtones/background images to replace my old ones. Boo!

I called the customer service line for my phone company, they’re usually pretty good and answer questions efficiently and I’ve never had to wait on hold for more than a few minutes. They gave me the voicemail number the first time I called, no sweat. Then I go to download pcitures and my phone tells my there’s a connection error. Since that’s happened once or twice before, I think nothing of it, and retry.

No dice.

Ok, call #2 to the customer service line. They tell me that Motorola will help me set up the browser and everything, but they can give me the dns #s and the username etc.


I hang up the phone and call Motorola, after waiting on hold for what seemed like an eternity listening to the shittiest music known to humans, I’m connected with this dimwit who proceeds to talk my ear off for the better part of 5 minutes.

“This is a customer service help line” I want to yell at him, “shouldn’t you be asking me what you can help me with?”. He finally pauses to take a breath and I ask him my burning question – his response: “Oh, yeah we don’t/can’t do that. You’ll have to take your phone in to your service provider kiosk and they’ll program it for you.”

I was about to let him have it when Pancake/Latte, start yelling in the hallway. They’re normally the loud ones so it doesn’t really surprise me, but this was literally right outside my door at this point, and I open the door, and just start yelling.

[rage-blackout gingerbread is back]

I don’t even know what I said, but I was pissed. Doors were slammed, so that I could get back to yelling at the CSR. Somehow I was able to maintain my cool, and simply told him that it was obvious that he couldn’t help me so I wasn’t going to take up any more of his time.

Then I hung up the phone before he could respond.

Later, I notice that there’s this weird crackling sound coming from the living room, kinda sounds like popping bubble wrap. I think to myself, “Ha, maybe the living room’s on fire!”. Funny thing is that Latte actually started a fire because she was so cold.


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