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Snack Attack!

It’s a studyfest and everyone is invited. Midterms are wrapping up (though I’ve still got two left) and finals are just around the corner. I’ve actually been studying pretty hard for the past couple of days – forgoing social endeavours to catch up on schoolwork even! Pancake, Latte, Bacon, and Onion all joined me in the dining room for an informal study group, Onion was eventually informally dispatched to Tim Horton’s to pick us up some timbits. We had such intricate order requests that she had to take a cue card with instructions on it in order to get the orders right.

I was just about to blog about how long it was taking her to return with our snacks, when she arrived, giant bag of timbits in tow. We all inspected the contents of our tiny timbit boxes, some grumbling more than others, and scarfed them down.

Pancake (on her timbits): Thank you [Latte] for adding to my racially diverse box

I was pretty tired this afternoon after interspersing our Project Runway marathon with studying, so I took a nap, which was rudely interrupted by the doorbell (thanks to inconsiderate frat boys). I ended up drinking the equivalent of eight cups of coffee, so I think I might pull an all-nighter. My midterm isn’t until mid-afternoon and the only other thing I’ve got on my plate for tomorrow is returning some library books (which can be put off) and our sorority elections at our weekly meeting.

back to the grindstone.


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