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Our cups runneth over…

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes mopping up water from our toilet. Our toilet decided to explode at this early hour perhaps because it somehow knew that I had intended to wake up at 5am to continue studying.

Maybe I’m crabby because my 3 hour nap was truncated, or maybe it’s because the whole time I was mopping up the water, my useless roommate (TRQ) simply stood around bemoaning her drenched possessions.

I can understand why you’d be annoyed and if I woke up to the sounds of water rushing into my room, I’d be more than a little miffed, but instead of standing around, deal with the water. Help me out a little, instead of standing in your doorway with an accusatory glare. Do you really think that I got up at 4 am thinking to myself, “maybe if I’m lucky, my pant legs will be soaked with toilet water for lack of a towel”.

What happened to all of our towels; we had like 30 towels in our linen closet over the summer, and now we’re down to 1!

She went upstairs to get a bowl and another towel, and after she had done that she proceeds to…stare at her straightening iron, as if she was willing it to let her know of any more impending doom.

What I wanted to say was “Bitch! Is that your biggest concern right now?” instead I calmly told her to call our landlord, to which she replies “at this hour?” I cooly told her that “Um yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. I’m sure he won’t mind”


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