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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

I’m listening to Christmas music as I write this because I’ve been inspired by just how much snow we’ve been blessed with in the last couple of weeks. I just got back from work and for the last half hour of my shift, I got to babysit the 10 remaining customers/band members as they worked on finishing up their rider (the stuff that booking agents agree to provide the bands with backstage on top of their salary).

Since our house is located just off University property, the snow plows never quite make it to our neighbourhood. Some plows were blocking my main route home so I took a detour by the Mac’s on the way home and stopped in to see if they had the latest issue of Jane, but alas no new reading material for me. I settled on buying some Nibs and some Hot Rods (not impulse purchases at all).

I was almost home when I saw three shadowy figures off in the distance – TRQ, The Convict, and The Mark (the recent focus of KR’s attention). [Ed. It was brought to my attention that the third person was actually Pancake]

I figured that I would have an opportunity to study because they appeared to be a little inebriated, but they’ve been surprising quiet, so maybe I’ll just embrace the quiet and retire early.

p.s. Ruggedly Hansome Guy (RHG), Kat and I were so bored due to the lack of customer situation that we resorted to playing hangman for the better part of the night and chatted amongst ourselves about relationships. We concluded that in the case of a one-night-stand it is usually the guy that fucks below his station, while the girl fucks below her station in the relationship. I totally forgot to quote RHG and the encounter with the stupid girl who apparently doesn’t understand how businesses work.

Ruggedly Handsome Guy (to Kat while playing hangman): Just so we’re clear; are you or are you not a dyke?

Kat/Gingerbread: We need to see your ID and it’s $10 cover.

Stupid Girl: Oh, I only have a $20…Do you guys have change?

Gingerbread: No, we’re kinda like a payphone, we’ll take your money, but we don’t provide change!

Stupid Girl (looks embarrassed and mumbles something about it being ‘a long day’)


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