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So we had our ‘White Trash BBQ’ sorority exchange last night with the DU’s. I was at work until about 8:30 so by the time I got there, they were ready to dine in at KFC (no joke, this was part of the plan), so after attempting to coerce some of our lazier girls into walking (KFC is essentially 2.5 blocks from where we were) we walked, and they pulled up in their cars a full 5-10 minutes after us.

There’s really nothing I can write about dining in at KFC.

There were some good quotes from the evening though:

Random DU #1: So which club are we going to swoop in on?

Random DU #2: You don’t swoop in on clubs; you swoop in on unsuspecting ladies

Random DU #3: The thing about clubs is that you don’t so much swoop in as roll in

I had promised to save some chicken for Pancake (who spent the night at work) so when she came home we chatted and hung out in my room, Latte joined us briefly. Pancake decided to colonize my bed, aka. the man trap. It really looks like she’s sleeping in this one, but she blinked when I was taking the picture. I don’t wander around our house taking pictures of people sleeping (well at least not at night).

I had referenced the fact that I was our sorority’s official cougar after two unfortunate hookups, which Latte hadn’t known about and she insisted I tell her about them. I didn’t really feel like going into specifics and she spent most of the time in my room taking over for Pancake on bed warming duty and trying to figure out who it was. I stood my ground and refused to tell her. Which just inspired her to keep guessing…

Then I spent a couple of hours chatting with our new roommate, while simultaneously trying to creep out Pancake. I (and to a certain extent Latte) derive great pleasure from making Pancake squirm by saying extremely inappropriate things to her – things that if we weren’t kidding would probably constitute sexual harrassment.

p.s. My Google ‘word of the day’ is crapulous: sick from, or marked by, excessive drinking. I have this personalized Google homepage that has a preview of my Gmail, 4 news items (which I have never even looked at), 3 pieces of gossip from People mag (I haven’t even looked at them either) and the weather in Ottawa (my hometown) and Edmonton (my school town).

*and the Shout Out Out Out Out show last night was crazy good. You can catch a repeat broadcast on cbc radio 3 sometime in the near future.


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