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Snarkytown, USA Pop. 2

I forgot to add in my rant yesterday about the fucking idiotic questions I was getting last night. Since I was in a terrible mood, I made a concious effort to be as difficult as possible:

Um, is this a coat check? (three separate people asked me this)

Gingerbread: No, this is actually my personal coat collection. I’m really indecisive, so I like to leave my options open.

Where is the ski trip going? (Literally 14 people who were standing under a sign that said it went to Marmot Basin asked me this. Every table also had a flyer announcing this as well.)

Gingerbread: No it’s a free trip to Rabbit Hill (a local, crappy ski hill)

Kat was having a terrible day too, and then she decides to tell me that she’s figured me out: I am a coconut! I’m brown on the outside, and white on the inside. I laughed. I also found out that the Jason Collett show is on the same night as a party I’m supposed to go to; but if today is any indication, I’ll be in no mood for social interaction.


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