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Shop ’till you drop…or something

Another wicked quote from Kat (we were talking about drunk hookups/the morning after:

Kat: You don’t do that to a lady

Gingerbread: What?

Kat: Kiss her [when you are] sober

Kat: …You wait until she’s drunk!

So I was reading this rant about American Apparel and their unsavoury founder/CEO and as much as I wanted to be incensed (this info wasn’t all that new to me or anything) all I could think of is how I really wanted a couple more of these in Mint, Asphalt and Kelly Green.

I have been on a shopping bender for the last little while, I just bought 3 pairs of shoes (bringing the grand total for the school year up to 7 so far) and I know I’m going to buy at least one more pair in the next little while (most likely for formal). I finally got my purple and white checkered vans slip ons in the mail yesterday, whooop! I had to break them in so I wore them to work, and it didn’t end in tears surprisingly. I also ended up with a case of mardi gras beads, apparently they came free with bottles of SoCo, so I liberated them from work.


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