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Move Bitch!

Yeah, so I’m sitting at home right now watching Days instead of sitting in my sociology of gender class. Why? Well because I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee between classes and then we walk to class together. The coffee* place is literally across the atrium from my soc class, so imagine my surprise when I arrive in front of my class 5 minutes before it’s set to begin, and literally every seat but two in the middle of class is occupied (one of the seats was next to ‘Dumpy Dave’ so that option was obviously out of the question).


I know it’s a really hard concept to grasp, but sometimes people have to go to the bathroom between classes or their previous class is across campus. So if you could simply move one seat over and leave one or two seats near the edge of the class free for people like myself it would be greatly appreciated. I pay the same $500+ per class as you do, so it’s the least you could do.

Today’s reasoning for being slightly late was somewhat lame, but 2 years ago I had an 11am class in Business (as far south as you can go on campus pretty much), a 12 noon class in Med Sci (on the edge of the north end of the main campus), and then I had to get back to Business for a 1pm class. If you’re lucky and you aren’t trapped behind the slowest walkers on earth, you can barely make it on time (assuming of course that the traffic lights are in your favour), I don’t think I was ever on time for my class in Med Sci, and the prof totally thought I was the biggest slacker, but it wasn’t my fault. On the plus side, the TA was quite fond of my friend and I, so it didn’t really affect my mark in the class.

i’m out

team gingerbread

*oh, and I forgot to mention how gross the coffee was. Somehow I always conveniently forget how bad Aramark coffee is; I swear to God there were undertones of roasted goat meat. The only reason I drank it is that I’m so bloody cheap that I refused to throw out my $1.59 hot cuppa ass. I could have gone to Timmy Ho’s on the way home and played Rrroll Up the Rim to Win!


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