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Quotables/Foot in Mouth Disease

I don’t bend over for less than a quarter

…and other fine quotes.

Tonight was fraternity bar night at work, nothing terribly exciting but I did get some quotes out of it:

Pancake: I got that interview with the city. I might be an arts program coordinator!

Gingerbread: You’d better make sure you hide your track marks…

Pancake: I don’t have track marks. I wasn’t run over by anything

Gingerbread: No, from heroin. I was kidding

Sorority Girl #1: You should totally date him

Sorority Girl #2: But he’s a coke dealer

SG #1: …and a massage therapist. Massages are HOT!

SG #2: Why not?


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I'm not angry all the time, that's just how my face is.


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