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Formal invites

So formal season is almost upon us, and some of our girls have two or three formals to go to this year. I was at work chatting with a guy from a fraternity and somehow our formal came up. I think he had been asking me about when our next party was going to be and I replied ‘Oh, I don’t know, maybe after formal’. He then asked when our formal was, April 8th, and he proceeds to say ‘Oh yeah, I’d love to go to your formal’.

I don’t know if he was saying this because he thought we should go together (I diasgree on this one) or if he somehow got the idea I liked him (Latte after our last party: “Weren’t you trying to get into his pants?”), but I think I’d prefer to go alone that go with him. Also, we kind of have this unofficial rule that we’ll only bring someone as our formal date if they’ll put out. I almost jokingly yelled this at him as he was leaving, which in retrospect, would have most certainly led to some confusion.


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