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Can’t resist the mist

So I’ve actually started researching my gender paper – I finally settled on ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs’ as my topic, and I had to pick up some book at both the campus library and the public library. I’m minding my business on the LRT headed downtown when I notice the guy facing me is staring. I assume he doesn’t know that I can see him since I’m wearing sunglasses. I avoid his gaze by looking at the gentleman to my left when I notice that he’s drinking alcohol (it’s 2pm) – and not just any alcohol, but Arbor Mist! For those of you not in the know, Arbor Mist is a wine-based fruit beverage targeted to the 20 to 30-something ladies who lunch, of course most of the people who drink it are underage.

When I was a kid, I’d always see these lame commercials on TV for Arbor Mist that featured a group of white 30-something women in a social setting such as a picnic or a day at the beach. They’d all be drinking Arbor Mist while their boyfriends were off in the distance, presumably doing something manly like barbecuing. The guys would eventually try to con the girls into giving them some Arbor Mist and the girls would just laugh and make them do increasingly difficult tasks for a taste. At the end of the ads, they’d usually clink glasses and jovially proclaim ‘Now that deserves and Arbor Mist!’

When I saw the guy on the train drinking Arbor Mist, those commercials kept running through my head, the kicker was the fact that about a minute after I noticed what he was drinking, Gravy Train!!!’s Sippin’ 40oz. started playing on my mp3 player, gold!

In other news, my sinuses are clogged, which sucks because there is so much pressure building up in my head that I’m getting a migraine, boo!


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