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Sorority Drama

Drunks and the women who love them

I work at a bar, and the irony is not lost on me, however I was in the middle of a pretty heavy bonding session with Pancake last night, and in stumbles a pretty soused TRQ and The Convict (her manfriend of late). We pretty much told then that they should go downstairs because 1. they smelled like booze, 2. Convict is boring, 3. We were having a private conversation(we were the only ones home), and 4. They were being kinda loud and I could see Bacon getting annoyed. I live upstairs too, and I know that when people are talking in the hallway or the living room, they might as well be sitting on your bed talking loudly in your ear while you attempt to sleep.

The Convict to me, is barely tolerable when he’s sober primarily because he just not funny

ex. “I was on a trip to this place called ‘Bird Island’, and when I got there I was just like ‘Holy shit! There are a lot of birds here!’ or ‘I love Coldplay. It reminds me of driving down to California at 2am…'”.

He tells a lot of really pointless stories where the punchline is just so anti-climactic that you just look at him thinking ‘why are you still talking’. The Roadtrip Queen met him over our New Year’s trip to Penticton, BC. Once we got back, she was showing pictures of this guy she’d made out with to her friend TJ, who does a double-take. She’s convinced the guy TRQ is seeing is a friend of her brother’s from high school who held up the McDonald’s that he worked at!

This would be so much funnier if TRQ didn’t really like the guy. So we’ve all kind of held our tongues about what a douche he is, even when he dropped TJ down our stairs on her back/neck.

I just ran into TRQ in the kitchen and jokingly asked her if she remembered coming home last night, to which she snaps ‘I do, and I also remember you telling us to go downstairs, but I knew I didn’t have to go’. Whatever! You know just as well as I do, that there is a fine line between vaguely amusing drunk people (Pancake and Latte that night at the Bank in retrospect) and annoying drunk people (TRQ and The Convict rambling rather nonsensically).


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