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An Open Letter, Rants, Sorority Drama

"I’ve heard you having sex"

A long time ago we all decided that this was probably one of the creepiest things you coulds say to someone (spanish guitar anyone?). It’s a good thing Latte and I are so close, otherwise conversations like this one could have been awkward. This one took place over breakfast in passing:

Gingerbread: Hey, were you having sex last night?

Latte: Yup

Gingerbread: Yeah, I heard you having sex…

Onion: Yeah, I did too

Gingerbread: You should really put on music or something

Latte: I did have music on

Gingerbread/TRQ: Well we still heard you

Gingerbread: It just sucked because I though someone was hooking up on the couch, so I was trapped in my room…

I had to work last night and everything was going ok other than the fact that I had a massive toothache from grinding my teeth in my sleep two nights ago. I’d been eating painkillers like candy, and I guess I forgot to top off my dose before work because before I knew it, I was in such extreme pain that it was causing me to feel nauseous.

I went home early, but by then the pain was so excruciating that I was hyperventilating/crying the whole way home. If you know me, you know just how I feel about crying in public, but since this is Edmonton, the streets were essentially deserted at 10:30pm.

I totally forgot to add that the creepy dreaded Saltspring Island chick also felt the need to manhandle/massage me everytime she came near me. I hate being manhandled like that except in the context of really rough sex (this is purely for creeping out Pancake).

It’s now 5:30 am and I can’t sleep, there’s still a dull ache in my jaw that makes it kinda hard to swallow. Most people would probably take T3’s at this point but I can’t, since I’m allergic to codeine (it makes my heart stop, so no go).

I also forgot to post about my horoscope in last week’s See Magazine:

Aquarius: I’m not necessarily advising you to vent your frustrations by going out after midnight and filling up random strangers’ mailboxes with ice cream. Nor do I suggest that you express any of your itchy, inarticulate emotions by using felt-tip markers to scrawl ‘The people in this place eat kittens’ on the wall of an institution that messed with you. Both of those actions might get you arrested, and the proper way to channel your angst is not to do something that sabotages you but rather that elevates and enlightens you. So please figure out an ingenious, constructive way to get your dark yayas out.

Obviously a sign that this blog is a great idea.

i’m out, team gingerbread

*p.s. if you don’t like how I’ve portrayed you in this blog (you know who you are, ahem *cough*KR*cough) stop complaining about it to people who have no control over my posts, like Waffle or The Roadtrip Queen. Either approach me about, or quit reading my blog – it’s as simple as that!


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