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You need to pay attention

controller.controller was just mediocre, I really like them as a band but their set was lacklustre and seemed a little phoned in. You Say Party! We Say Die! was fantastically energetic, and you could tell that a lot of people in the crowd were there for them. The show would have been way more enjoyable if my camera hadn’t died before I could take one picture but I digress. I had to leave a tad early because I had no clue what time the LRT stopped running and I didn’t want to have to walk from downtown with no jacket and inappropriate footwear.

The hunt for a new roommate has officially begun, and on that note I got the cutest email from this guy named Chase, too bad he’s looking to move in in 2 months.
Apparently I put out a vibe that only the sketchiest/creepiest people respond to. I was accosted by this troupe of hippies that reeked of patchouli and had the funkiest (as in bad, not good) white people dreads ever, ew! Then, my rad view of the stage was obstructed by the saddest couple ever. The only way to describe them is, MFEO. They were clearly only together because both of them realised that ther was no one else out there for them; and you just know they have the dirtiest sex ever too. To quote Vice: ‘Together they have sex so raunchy that it makes 18-year-old homeless prostitutes gasp in disbelief’

Ugh, our sketchy old roommate just showed up unannounced to ‘pick up his mattress’. Um, yeah I think you could probably do that anytime other than 1am. And for the record: you don’t live here anymore, so you can’t just show up unannounced and expect us to welcome you back with open arms…

p.s. someone may or may not be hooking up on the couch outside my door as we speak. i for sure saw some shirtless guy sitting on the couch and it’s taking all my strength to not go in there and satiate my curiosity. wish me luck


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