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Quotables/Foot in Mouth Disease


I got the titular book instead of buying the text for one of my classes, smart. This guy emailed me last night about our room for rent and after chatting with him for 2 hours, I decided that I was in love with him (joking, kind of). I decided to see if he fits into my ‘str8 turnons’ according to Sextrology:

* younger men or big daddies (he is younger)
* white trash, truckers, bikers
* long hair, pony tails, hippies (kinda longer, shaggy hair)
* zealots, libertarians (he’s a music zealot, we were actually at the same concert this weekend in Van)
* rough housing, biting (um, we didn’t get that far)
* wrestling (again, the above answer applies to the next couple of ones)
* (active) worship
* (passive) degradation
* grovelling, begging
* body hair, treasure troves (um no, I like my men shaved)
* armpits (he has armpits, but i’m not fetishitically attracted to them)
* goatees (don’t think he has one right now)
* casual, no strings sex (no mention of this one either)
* cheating (well he has a girlfriend right now – I’m totally chanelling Michelle right here – I’m game if you are)
* m-f-f threesomes (never really appealed to me)
* tattoos, piericngs, branding (yes, yes, no)
* extra-large penises, foreskin (um, I think we’re jumping the gun a little here)
* (active) oral, swallowing
* (passive) anal sex
* (passive) heavy b + d (I don’t know if I’m a bottom because I like it…or because I’m lazy)
* enslavement fantasies (not exactly pc)
* costumes, masks (no)
* hoods, blindfolds (no)
* posing, home porn (recipe for disaster, no)
* (active) ass play
* role reversal
* freaks, geeks, and carnies (I do have a thing for bookish fellows, so no, yeah, no)
* captive/slave fantasies (we need to stop using the word ‘slave’)

As I was looking through Sextrology, I found this random Pancake quote:

I can’t even remember what the context of this was other than it came up when chatting about Sextrology.

Pancake: Hey, watch out…I bite

Pancake: What do you do? You run through the river and fuck!

I couldn’t have said it better myself


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