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"No, I don’t want to go to your hockey game…I just want to make out!"

Always the classy lady.

I got back from Vancouver this afternoon, and after downloading the L Word, I went to drop off a little gift for Crumpet. I picked her up a poster from the concert I went to on the weekend and I had to pick up my T4 from work. Apparently, Crumpet’s shins have been acting up again, which resulted in a protracted stay in the ER.

Onion, Pancake, and I waited it out with her, and they pretty much told her to ice her shins, after a 6 or 7 hour wait. Boo. My sleeping schedule is all fucked up so I’m just going to watch the L Word and Project Runway reruns until I pass out. I’m still running on fumes from Van. [Ed. apparently I totally forgot about my emergency joint. Nope, didn’t help. Now my hands smell like weed and I’m restless!]

In other news, I found out today that the guy that called for Onion the other day was this carnie she met over the summer, no joke. She’d been avoiding his calls over the summer, and then ended up changing her number when she moved back to Alberta for school. He tracked her down at home, oops. The funny thing is that she had no idea how he had gotten her number, apparently I ‘forgot’ to mention that I had let the cat out of the bag.

peace out,
team gingerbread


* Tomorrow is controller.controller and if someone wants to go, I have an extra ticket. I think the show is sold out.
* On the subject of making out, Onion and I decided that Pancake needs to get hot and heavy in the Buttercave. For those of you that are not in the loop, the buttercave is the crawlspace that her bed is housed in. Candidates can apply in person, short guys need not apply.
* Pancake in no way endorses this manhunt. This is obviously our thinly veiled attempt to live vicariously through her.


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