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My shoes are here! I put them on and as promised I kinda hugged the box. Not because I was really happy, but because I was leaving as the Canada Post truck rolled up and my hands were full. I had to sign for the package and pay duties, so you know… I’m wearing the brown ones right now. These shoes are the perfect alternative to dorky looking dock shoes. I was thinking of taking up sailing again while I was in Van, and then I remembered than there’s no water in Alberta.

I convinced Pancake to come to campus with me because we needed to hang up flyers for the spare room in our house. We’re working on getting one of our sorority siters to move in, but she’s not sure. We’re such typical girls, while we were hanging posters, if we saw another poster advertising a room for rent, we’d take it down. We actually saw one for a room in a rival sorority house, and promptly took it down. It’s nothing personal ladies, we just want it more than you do! The funny thing was, after we took care of their poster, we saw a poster for a martini party that’s being hosted by our friends. We moved that poster to a more prominent location – right next to ours.

Pancake pointed out someone that she might make out with in the ‘margarine hole in the wall’, so I’ll see what I can do.


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