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…duck photographer. There’s this little Dawson’s Creek-esque pond by Alina’s house and it separates these two apartment complexes. Apparently a family of ducks lives there. She lives by the False Creek Marina so it makes sense, but I decided to go around on the other side by the marina to take more pictures, because 12 pictures of mallards isn’t enough. Pictures of mallards are like sunglasses; you can never have too many.

I busied myself with taking pictures of the marina because the night time ones didn’t turn out so hot. I was all set to take more pictures of the ducks when some geese spotted me. I’m terrified of birds, have been since I was a kid. It’s pretty irrational (except in the case of geese, whose beaks could probably break you leg if they tried hard enough). I just froze and hoped they wouldn’t advance any further because if that happened, I probably would have ended up falling into the marina, gross.

I decided to be all touristy and bring my camera with me when I went out shopping. There wasn’t anything good to take pictures of downtown and my shins still kind of hurt from all the walking, so I ended up taking the bus back to Granville Island and getting some curry.

I went to M.A.C. to get some eyeshadow for Latte and when I asked the sales girl for ‘Swish’ she looks at me and makes this weird sound with her mouth as if to say ‘uh no’. She then asks if she can show me something else M.A.C.-speak for ‘bitch please, you know you can’t pull off that colour’. I laughed and explained that it was for my roommate; this is only funny because I’m someone who appreciates brutal honesty.

Today is my last day in Vancouver, my flight leaves at 11:30 am tomorrow morning, but I’m really tempted to go out and get really drunk tonight. This is of course, not a good idea, but I’m the queen of bad decisions so one more won’t hurt right. Last time I got bombed the night before my flight, I almost didn’t make it to the airport in time. My flight was leaving at noon and I arrived at 11:45am, I was trapped in line behind this family with 4 suitcases each. Because my parents had payed for the flight, I had their Aeroplan Elite card, and got to go through the Elite (shorter) line and basically sprinted through airport security.

decisions, decisions


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