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Functional Alcoholism, Retail Therapy

Shopping and Bar Hopping

…such is the life of Gingerbread (in Vancouver)

Last night was pretty enjoyable, I went to a concert (Nada Surf and Rogue Wave – no Inara George because apparently she and RW are sharing the opening duties so they alternate, boo!) which was amazing. It was an early show and sold out so even though we got there 15 minutes after the doors opened, we still had to wait in line for at least half an hour. Really wanted a Moosehead (it’s a type of beer for the unenlightened) but they didn’t sell it so I drank Ablsolut Citron and Tonic all night.

We ended up missing half of RW’s set, but Nada Surf was totally worth it. After the potential melee with the set list cunt I used what was possibly the dirtiest bathroom in the world. All the toilets were overflowing becasue they were out of toilet paper and people had to use paper towel all night, ew.

We ended up going for pie and meeting up with our friend Michelle from rez and some of her friends at a bar called 50 Bourbon St (it’s on Cordova). I was contemplating bailing because of the $4 cover (at this point in the weekend I had almost spend two grand, so that’s why), but her friend Sonya got us in for no cover so we ended up closing the bar down. [Ed. I completely forgot to mention Black Topher, another friend of Michelle’s. He looks exactly like our friend Topher would if he were black] Since I refuse to pay for buses, we ended up walking home, which was kinda far in retrospect esp. since I had to pee about 5 minutes into the walk. We essentially had to walk from one side of downtown to the other, across a very long bridge, and then it’s a few blocks after the bridge. I was so tired that I was falling asleep while walking.

Some quotes:

On our way home, Alina decides that she wants to go to 7-11 and I’m just standing there waiting for her to buy stuff and these 2 girls walk in and are with 2 guys.

Girls: We’re just going to stop in here

Guy #1: Oh ok, we’ll wait

Girl #2: Well we’re going to be like 20-30mins

Guy #1: Well, I’m going to be pissing in that alley over there, so come find me

Girl #1: Right

As we were walking to the second bar we saw some random guy peeing on the street, and not in a super-discreet fashion. He was facing a bus stop and since we were on a hill, the pee was on the move. A group of girls are in front of us, all are dressed for the bar, except for one who is in stilettos and a bathrobe!

Girls: Ew, is he peeing?

Us (cubeleaning): Whatever, you’re wearing shoes who cares, just step over it

Girls: Um, that is so gross. Who does that?

Bathrobe girl: Yeah guys, I can’t handle this. We have to switch sides of the road.

Gingerbread (cubeleaning): Bitch, you’re wearing a bathrobe! Maybe the guy peeing on the street isn’t your biggest concern you know?
[dirty looks are exchanged]

We rolled in pretty late, and after I went to the bathroom, I decided that 3am was the perfect time to take some pictures of the CAC. Not so much, but who’s counting. I just woke up and it’s raining again here. I forgot to check the weather before I left because they were having a really nice weather streak. I don’t have a raincoat with me, because when I was deciding which jacket I should bring, I chose the vest.


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