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Quotables/Foot in Mouth Disease, Sorority Drama

Homemade clamato and other delights

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get the concept of Clamato. I had no idea that Clamato contained actual clam juice when I was a kid, I just assumed Clamato was some sort of fancy marketing name for tomato juice.

Out of boredom last night, we (Onion, Pancake, Waffle, Latte and myself) decided to do some baking, and then that morphed into ‘let’s just get really, really high’. The brownies ended up being special brownies, and we drank beer and played poker. I played like crap, truly a representative display of my poker aptitude and Latte/Pancake decided to call it quits.

I had the brilliant idea of just having a sleepover (seemed like a good idea at the time – my parents were super strict, and I was an only child so the sleepover opportunity, while it might have come up with some frequency, was a foreign concept in my house ‘I just don’t unnderstand why you need to sleep on the ground, couldn’t you just do that at our house?’ my mom would always say) in the living room after the game, no one really went for my idea and I could tell Pancake was just humouring me, so I went to bed.

I think the best quotes of the night came from Waffle:

Waffle: K, I’m not angry, I have fume coming out of my ears

Waffle(on giving away our chips): It was a pretty good order. 1 – Gold, 2 – , 3 – Bronze. I’m in Olympic fever!

Pancake(on the Bar Wild dance off to Sean Paul): If you are pretty and dance bad, we can forgive you…

Waffle:…if you are ugly and dance bad, no one wants you

Waffle and I placed a fake number in Pancake’s purse in an effort to creep her out. That was about 3 weeks ago and she just found it. The number was supposed to be Bob’s but we just pulled some random number out of thin air. Pancake thinks he needs a better nickname.

Latte: I think we should call him ‘the Black Stallion’

Gingerbread: No, that’s stupid. if any Greek people read our blog, they’ll totally think there is some reasoning behind the name…

Pancake: Who, Bob?

Latte: No, that guy from FIJI

Pancake: Wow, Fijians are so DARK!

Latte: Um, no. FIJI the fraternity.

Some musings on the brownies.

Pancake: OMG, it’s like eating a joint

Onion: It’s like a chocolate joint

Latte: If weed could grow like chocolate [which is manufactured btw], this is what it would taste like

Onion: Good times

Latte (laughing): No, high times!

The best quote of the night came from our dear friend Latte. On the subject of Clamato juice, Pancake stated that she didn’t know what it was/had never indulged before. I suggested simply going to a convenience/liquor store, Latte decided to take it to the next level.

Latte: We can make our own Clamato juice. I have tomato paste and clam juice…

Gingerbread: Ew!

Latte: No you’ll see. I’ll make it and it will be good


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