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I also heart iTunes

…because of this (iTunes Music Store link). K-Fed’s Popozao EP is now available on iTunes! I think this made my day. I had the ministore turned on and was browsing my 1 star smart playlist when I decided to play Popozao(K-Fed describes it as ‘a real Brazilian ass-shaker’) for kicks. Imagine my surprise when iTunes tells me that the Popozao EP is available for purchase. $3.96 CAN gets you 4 different versions of the title track. We get the main (explicit), a cappella, clean, and instrumental versions. Definitely the must-have album for 2006!

Even though yesterday I had vowed to not take out the garbage, I realised that the culprit had already left for her reading week trip to Banff and as such wouldn’t be back for 4 days, so I caved and took out the trash. I’m so anal-retentive it hurts. I’m not a huge fan of messy, but i can tolerate it. This is not the case however, when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. I should actually try to finish cleaning the bathroom, but I’ve gotten lazy since i’m one of two people home for the weekend.


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