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A year of Stawberry Shortcake®

I decided to clean the dining room today and I was going through the box of rush stuff when I found the little journals we kept during rush. The journals are mostly to help us remember the pertinent details about the 60 or so girls that go through rush. You can’t be expected to remeber the intimate details of the 100s of girls that come by the rush table, so if someone really sticks out, we write it down in the rush journals. It’s nothing mean, just stuff about where they’re from, program, year, age, interests, etc.

I found my journal amongst other things in the rush table box and I was just looking at what I wrote about some girls the we ended up pledging/initiating just to see if I was on the ball about them or not. I found entries for Posh, Crumpet and Pancake.

Pancake: Super excited. Think Bethan from Pi Phi. Funky and really positive. I’d take her as my little (rush code for ‘we have to get this girl’).

Crumpet/Pacanke at the Lammie party: Also doing formal recruitment (the panhellenic girls do this). P is doing Fashion &Textiles (Human Ecology) while C is taking Bioinformatics (Science). C’s dad/uncle own about 20 fast food restaurants in and around Edmonton. She is very quiet, 1 or 2 girls on her at once MAX! C is originally from or has relatives from Ontario. C lives in [rez] across from P. P is very close with her mother, and is bi-racial. C is also doing formal [recruitment].

We also found a Strawberry Shortcake® page-a-day calendar tucked under the chair in the dining room. Um, yeah…how do you lose a calendar/why do you carry something like that around with you? If it’s yours, you can drop by the house, although I might claim it for myself pretty soon.

now onto more marathon tv-watching binges

*hah! someone just called for Onion and I just gave them her cell number without really thinking that if they didn’t already have it there was probably a good reason for that. Oh well, the guy sounded like a stoner anyways so he’ll probably forget that he even called.


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