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Honours is a waste of time

…as is downloading mp3 ringtones, but that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 hours. I have a pretty major gender exam tomorrow morning and I’ve barely started reading. I’m at page 35 and I have approximately 130 pages to go. I haven’t started reviewing my notes yet either, but they are all nicely typed up. Most of my time was actually looking for some ringtones from Ashlee Simpson/Lindsay Lohan. I ended up getting DCFC – Soul Meets Body, NKOTB – Step by Step, Bloc Party – Banquet, ABBA – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, and the Super Mario Bros. Theme.

Some might call me a music snob, but that doesn’t mean I’m above the rest of you. I still have some of the most terrible music in cd form, on my iTunes, and now in ringtone form. Even the worst artists have one song that’s mediocre. Take La Lohan, I’m loving Magnet and Who Love’s You right now. Sure, they’re not exactly musical genius, but they’re on a couple of my playlists nonetheless.

In other news, Latte is going to be the newest member of The Razr’s Edge, our sorority’s unofficial MotoRazr club. She’ll be taught the secret handshake and given a ringtone to commemorate her induction.

*in case anyone was wondering, Latte is still the reigning champ of the Gateway Purity Test in our house. She beat me by 4 points. The only thing that tipped her over the edge is her sheer volume of sexual partners.


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