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Purity test results

344. That’s my score from this year’s test.

Latte and I always compete for top honours, last year she won (or lost depending on your point of view) by 5 points.

team gingerbread likes it on top

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Purity is such a relative thing…
…It’s Valentine’s Day which can only mean one thing; the Gateway Purity Test is back! The link is for last year’s test, but you get the idea.

I haven’t had a chance to fill it out yet because of my newest crush: beef jerky. I love beef jerky so much that it hurts. I’ve eaten 2 bags since saturday, and I’m almost certain my roommates are planning an intervention.

Since it’s V-Day, I’ve decided to bless you with some sex-related stories.

So we’re just casually chatting (myself, Pancake, and Onion) in Pancakes room and all of a sudden, Onion yells out ‘ I had sex with Convict!’. Convict is this guy that we met while we were on our New Year’s trip, and this admission entirely unprovoked. We were just talking about embarassing hookups, and all; of a sudden we were dying on the floor laughing. It’s not that the Onion/Convict hookup was unexpected it was just the timing.

I’m taking two gender classes this term (the anthropology of gender bein the more interesting one of the two). Lately we’ve been talking about mutual masturbation among the bonobo and we have to read some really interesting position papers on related topics. Apparently primatologists will measure anything they can get their hands on. We spent an entire class chatting about testes weight to body weight ratio of primates and humans.

and then the prof busts out this one-liner:

All my girlfriends are pregnant (or recently had kids) because of the hockey strike. No really, they didn’t have anything else to do!


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