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Hung Up

So I’m minding my own business in the Knowledge Common after I finished writing my exam and I hear someone’s really loud cell phone go off. I look around because I only know of one person with that ringtone (Madonna’s Hung Up) and who do I see? Waffle! I confront her and we laugh. I’m so bored and I have 1.5 hours to kill before work.

i’m out for now, team gingerbread

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I wear my sexual practices on my Nalgene bottle…

Overheard at work:

Meghan (on the subject of eggs and placenta): I would never eat anything that just fell out of my vagina!

Gingerbread: What if it was a roasted duck?

Meghan: Well did it cook in there or was it just put in there?

Gingerbread (to two regular Thursday night patrons): It’s really dead in there, I wouldn’t pay cover…

Blonde: Well that’s ok. I really love OASIS, and I love dancing! (bobs head to the music and runs off screaming)

I have an exam in 3 hours and instead of say, venturing into the campus bookstore to buy the book for this class (before you jump all over me for not having the book and trashing that girl that didn’t have a coursepack in my gender class; I know we have a book for this class, I just never bought it. I’ve actually gone to all but two days for this class), I’m going to a tattoo parlour with Pancake. I’ve been meaning to get a consultation for a tattoo I’ve been wanting to get for years, and since I’m a giant baby, it’s taken me as many years to work up the courage to do so.

In an attempt to distinguish my Nalgene from every other one out there I went to buy some stickers yesterday afternoon. I didn’t really have anything in particular in mind and ended up buying two from a sunglasses company and I got one random. I didn’t even really read it when I was in the store. I really like clear stickers with just the writing in colour, so I put my new Choda Sport Apparel sticker on, and show my handiwork to my roommates. I’m sitting there thinking about it and patting myself on the back for a job well done when it occurs to me what the term ‘choda’ means. Suddenly, I’m not feeling so smart. I’m exactly like my mom, which is scary; this is something that my mom would do (she once wanted to put a gay pride rainbow on the back of her car thinking that our neighbours just really liked rainbows). I’m pretty sure Choda Sport Apparel isn’t a real company and I feel like a total douche.


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