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…I completely forgot about the giant star-framed sunglasses that Latte is convinced I’ll wear at our little partay in the hizzay if I’m drunk enough. Little does she know that I am SO stubborn when I’m drunk it’s not even funny. While I was sitting at my desk surveying how messy my room has gotten in the past few days, I noticed something; the bag that all my gifts came in is covered in dolphins. This is only noteworthy because words cannot express how much I fucking hate dolphins.

As for Latte’s gift, it’s true, I do love IKEA. So much so that when we talk IKEA, we only use the Swedish names for everything and sometimes only refer to page numbers in back catalogues. One time, Latte, Pancake and I went to IKEA (we considered kidnapping Crumpet and bringing her with us) and stayed there for over 6 hours. We ended up eating 2 meals there and stalking products in As-Is for the better part of 3 hours. Latte decided that she needed to get this king size HOPEN bed frame despite the fact that her room really isn’t large enough to accommodate a king size bed with everything else she has in there. I ended up buying a LACK shelving unit in black-brown and a MALM bed frame in medium brown. I don’t think Pancake even bought anything (we bought her a clothes rack) except for food.

On the topic of Pancake, I picked up the mail today only to find a flyer from the peeler’s; they bill themselves as Canada’s best exotic male [revue]. Thinking that it was a joke, I was going to throw it out, when I turned it over and realized that it was actually a postcard from her Mom. Gold! I call dibs on the guy in the shades with hair so slicked back with gel that it resembles plastic.

Our roommate The Roadtrip Queen bought 72 maxi pads yesterday. That’s just what happens when you buy stuff in bulk.


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