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God that was strange to see you again, introduced by a friend of a friend

Wow, I have such a huge crush on Evan Cranley (he’s in the middle of both pics), he’s so cute and festively plump.

The Stars show was pretty rad once I realised that I knew the sound tech and could watch the show from right next to the stage. I have this kinda nerdy obsession with set lists and Cleopatra (my sound tech friend) really came through for me, she actually snatched the set list from some random guy’s hand because I had asked for it. They played a pretty tight set and managed to play pretty much every song I wanted to hear.

The set list:

theme from the stars

set yourself on fire


death to death



soft revolution

life effect

hungry heart (bruce springsteen cover)

what i’m trying to say

the comeback

look up

one more night

your ex-lover is dead

ageless beauty

the big fight


Overheard at the Stars show:

backstage underage girl: oh my god, i love this song so much i’m going to cream my pants!

too much information, we all like stars, but get a hold of yourself!


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