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Quotables/Foot in Mouth Disease

Ability to shimmy up a [palm] tree in bare feet and retrieve coconuts: 8.5

Gift-wise this was a super fantastic birthday for me. My parents’ gifts have yet to arrive, perhaps they have been purloined by our letter carrier?

My sorority sisters got me a whole gift bag full of stuff:

Socks – I haven’t bought socks in so long, and people were starting to notice my ratty foot coverings

Hangers – As prissy as it sounds, I only use wooden hangers

HMV Gift card – So that I can buy more music loosely classified as ‘Rock’

A Nalgene bottle – never can have too many (I think this makes it 12?)

A Burton beanie – never can have too many of these either

Mylonit – a lamp from IKEA (but it’s the giant one)

Lightbulbs – for the mylonit

A dolphin wall hanging – only because they know that I absolutely HATE dolphins!

A card from Turkon – that’s where the post title came from
and finally a card from the other girls

The gift was totally awesome ladies, and if I hadn’t wasted all my tears on last week’s episode of the L Word (not kidding), I would be crying right now because the gifts were so thoughtful!

Of course, nothing tops off a great day like working at your dead-end university job. Luckily I managed to overhear some quality lines:

Womandrew (to his girlfriend Posh): Do you have ID?

Posh: Do you have pants that don’t have holes in the crotch?

Man (to Gingerbread in the coat check booth): Are you security? Good idea…no one is going to hit a girl

Womandrew (motioning to a very crisp $5 bill): That shit is CRISP! You could make oragami out of it

Gingerbread: Yeah, maybe if it was square…

Womandrew: No really, I do that. Seriously, it’ll blow your mind!

Gingerbread: (stammers)

Womandrew: Now I have to show you because otherwise I’m just talking myself into a hole

peace out, team gingerbread

p.s. we’re having a little shindig on friday called ‘partay in the hizzay’. i’m out


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