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Functional Alcoholism

Hangover? finally subsided….

I had a great time on our Westlock Adventure! … one of the highlights was when we got dropped off at our brother fraternity’s house by our pubcrawl bus. We decided that our drunk-induced short attention spans were too much to just sit and chill at a restaurant, so we were going to just walk the 15 blocks home. this is when Pancake turns to me and says : “I can’t walk, i fell off a speaker. I broke myself”

lmao. i made fun of her, then realized i’d pulled the exact same stunt, almost a year ago to the day, again with the Lamda Chi Alphas, except for i had the embarassing addition of splitting open my crotch when i hit the corner of the stage. oops. well, i guess there are reasons why she’s my sorority Little Sister.. so i can be a Good Influence!

we walked to AAB’s frat house and managed to get him to drive us home… but not before she creeped out a drunk alumni passed out on the couch. good ol’ Pancake; always Gold with her introductions.

A great quote from Pancake, after invading Amber’s room.. she first stated that ‘my pants fell down when i was walking down the stairs’ then when i took video of her asinine serial rapism.. “my pants hurt. my leg hurts. you need to leave.” what a woman.
i would just like to say congratualations to Gingerbread who won the Napolean Dynamite figurine. she blatantly waited till i was too drunk to care then asked me a ton of ‘yesorno’ questions right before we left the bar. @#$@!! . oh well, Marty gave me the 3rd place prize fuzzy handcuffs, so who’s the real winner?!

oh, and i remembered something from the last Tuesday at work.. 2 total hoochies sat at the bar, fully bimboed out complete with huge blonde hair and slutty outfits fit for Pamela Anderson. usually all the staff notices stuff like that, esp on a tuesday, and the bartender was absolutely certain they were strippers. they flirted with him like crazy but he was so scared of getting an STI from just breathing near them he just ignored it. then, they PAID THEIR 45 DOLLAR BAR TAB IN LOONIES!!! case and point. i haven’t laughed that hard in a loooooong time.

it’s IKEA time, baby! i’m out… Team Latte always creamy and smooth


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