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Low Talkers and Glass Unicorns

So I work with this dude, LT who is the lowest talker I’ve ever met.

It wouldn’t be so bad, except for that the environment I’m in at work is counstantly loud and bustling(it’s a bar, what do you expect?)…And LT is my supervisor.

I feel really bad sometimes because he’s always asking us to do stuff for him but we usually can’t hear him, and just kind of nod while looking from his wordless mouth to each other with slightly amused grins on our faces. You can only ask someone to repeat themselves so many times before you start looking like an asshole.

I was chatting with one of the servers at work last night because it
was totally dead (I normally finish my shift at around 3am and yesterday I finished at 12am) about collections we had growing up and we discovered we had both had extensive unicorn collections. The weird part is that neither of us had expressed more than a passing interest in them, but that failed the stop the deluge of glass unicorns and unicorn-related paraphernalia.

My collection consisted primarily of glass unicorns, but I had all but forgotten about it until sometime last year when I had asked my mom to mail me some of my stuff, and when the box finally got here, I opened it up to find 3 glass unicorns. I’m not really sure what my mom thinks I need glass unicorns for (spicing up the boudoir? more like the ultimate game killer), but those three represent less than 5% of the unicorn population in my room at home.

I forgot to add that the half-naked drunk dude with no pants in the post below is a friend of mine. I hadn’t really looked to closely, so I thought it was someone else, until last night. I use the term friend fairly loosely, as he’s only really an acquaintance that I know from class, and he’s a regular at our local watering hole.


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