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Functional Alcoholism, Sorority Drama

Wednesdays are for lovers

Let’s start off with tonight

OMG! so we were at the old watering hole, to celebrate a birthday for a buddy of ours, Noel, and i thought he was the drunkest one there.

Apparently Drunkass #1 wanted to challenge him for that title, and clearly won when he started taking off his shirt and dancing in the middle of a chill, dark pub.. with all of 20 people present.

Of course, Noel jumped in, as long as Drunkass #1’s friend, Drunkass#2 (now abbreviated to DA1 and DA2) and Noel’s brother Drew.

So, shirts were off, boys were dancing, pictures were taken.. then DA1 realized.. hey why not cross the line?

So the guys were putting on their shirts and walking away, when DA1 removed his PANTS, pulled up his boxers in wedgie-thong action, then proceeded to go on all fours and hump the air!!!!

Our server got it on her videophone .. almost peeing herself laughing, while the bartender started SPRAYING HIM DOWN with the bar gun!!!

The guy keeps dancing, rubbing his manboobs and doing the Beyonce Bounce while people were struck silent by the show. it’s like a bad accident: you don’t want to see it, it ain’t pretty, but you can’t turn your eyes away…

Other than that, my week has been pretty boring. I started a new diet, but i keep making the mistake that just because the package says ‘organic’ doesn’t make it ‘good for me’… hence the 8 maple-syrup waffle cookie concoctions i ate this afternoon… ewww.

I was serving a table last night that invented a drink called ‘B-cup’ that consists of Baileys, Malibu and Milk. Their bill was huge (550$) and they were quite drunk by the end, cheering whenever i arrived at the table. When i brought a tray of them over, they kept cheering “B-cup!!!” and it turns out everyone else in the pub thought THAT B-CUP WAS IN REFERENCE TO MY BRA SIZE!.. and that my table had given me a nifty new nickname.

Ugh! I hope this one doesn’t stick, cause the bartender DID think it was quite funny. damnit.
Other news..some of our girls and I helped a friend of ours, Props, in a DragQueen contest of sorts.. we practiced for a few weeks on a dance routine; us as Drag Kings, him as a Markette, the Drag Queen. WE KICKED ASS AND WON!!!
video will be up soon, and here’s a pic of us getting him nice and ready that night..

The best part is when he was walking down the street, guys who didn’t pay too much attention to his face totally thought he was A HOT WOMAN and were staring in a lusty way.. and the best reaction was a girl who hit her bf and yelled “at least let me catch you going after a WOMAN next time!” lmao.

So i’m planning on actually going to my 8 am class tomorrow morning.. wish me luck! woop woop!


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