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So Yeah…

I work at a bar that frequently has concerts (I’m talking once a week minimum here!) and sometimes I’m just dumbstruck by some of the questions I get asked.

girl in dior jacket (with tickets in hand): ummm….do you guys need these?

gingerbread:yeah, that’s kind of why we sell tickets. so that you can get into a show. and then when you get to that show, you turn them in for a wristband and/or a stamp

girl in tanktop: hey! do you work here?

gingerbread (clad in mandatory work uniform shirt): yes…

girl in tanktop: so do you guys have bathrooms here?

gingerbread: no

girl in tanktop (looks confused)

gingerbread: yeah we do, they’re down the stairs underneath the neon sign that says bathrooms

Maybe I’m missing something here but the concept of going to a bar for a concert isn’t too hard to grasp. I’ve been going to concerts since I was twelve, but it seems pretty simple.

Step 1: Bring ID to 18+ shows, when it says ‘ID required’ on the ticket, that means ID is REQUIRED (unless you know whoever’s working the door, but don’t count on that)

Step 2: Don’t act all confused when you get in the door. If you give me your ticket, I will rip/scan it and trade you for a stamp

Step 3: Don’t be a douche about it. It’s a stamp; it won’t kill you. Wash your hands when you get home.

Step 4: When the concert is over, go home! Unless you’re friends with people that work there, it’s really just rude to close out the bar. No one enjoys waiting around for people who aren’t even drinking. I’m tired too, and I’m not drunk so time actually drags on for me at the end of the night.


On another note, Jared Leto’s terrible band, 30 Seconds to Mars is playing at the Starlite Room on April 12th! It’s totally worth the $20 to see his band suck, who’s in? I’m being a little harsh in saying that they suck, what I should really say is that they are predictably generic, at least they were when I saw them at Carleton University about 5 years ago when I was still underage in Ontario. But, i’ve been surprised by celeb-fronted bands before. Juliette & the Licks are way better than you expect them to be. She put on a really lively show, and all the songs came together really well on stage. It might have helped that she was wearing this crazy yellow bodysuit with kneepads built in, but I digress.


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