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Retail Therapy

Consumerism: H-O-T-T!

I’ve been crushing on the Black RAZR since, like, forever and I’m about 95% sure I’m going to buy it sometime in the next two weeks. Is it a coincidence that the Provincial Resource Rebate cheques are $400 and the RAZR is also $400 (off plan)…yeah, didn’t think so! I was planning on spending my cheque on a new camera but word on the street is that my dad is buying me one for my birthday, which is on monday.

So now I think I’m just going to put half the money towards the Black RAZR (I really, really want the pink one but my phone company only has the silver and the black one and I’m not ready to switch yet) and put the rest in the bank. Saving money is boring but I can almost hear my dad screaming at me that ‘the earlier you start saving for retirement, the less you have to save!’

I guess the only way this birthday (my 22nd) could be better is if I got a MacBook Pro. I was sooo close to buying one of the new Intel Macs when I was buying books at the campus bookstore last week. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I would have had to cart it around to class and then walk home with it, and I wasn’t really up for that amount of physical exertion. It’s probably not even that heavy, but the box is awkwardly-shaped. I should probably go to bed soon since I foolishly agreed to work 30 hours this week.

this post was brought to you in part by: Carribean Shores: Relaxation & Meditation with Music and Nature. I’m hooked on relaxation CDs, I think I own 4 or 5 of them now. It’s like being on a beach in Jamaica, with steel drums in the background. Gold!

Ed: I’m not being materialistic, I really need to replace my computer. I’m currently rockin’ a G3 iBook Dual USB Model from 2001. It has a staggering 10G hard drive, a 500mHz processor, 576MB of RAM and a CD-ROM drive. It’s treated me well, but I think it’s time to move on!


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