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The Arts Mindset

I was filled with rage as I chatted with one of my co-workers about the ‘evils of corporate america’. I’m just so sick of these university (primarily arts, but they’re not the only ones afflicted) attitudes regarding earth-raping multinational conglomerates.

I KNOW that the atrocities that these companies commit are horrible and occur with far more frequency than I am comfortable with, but I can’t stand hearing about it from people who have all directly benefited from it. This attitude is way too simplistic, and smacks of naïveté.

As much as I hate capitalism, I can never escape the fact that without it, neither of my parents would be employed (my mom is a market research exec and my dad is a ca at a major firm), I wouldn’t be going to university, and I might never have been adopted.

so please, just spare me


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